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    When I was 16 back in 1980 I bought my first german shepherd dog from my student job money and I named her Troyka. I achieved with Troyka the certification of highest degrre (K.III.) and we participated in tournaments together until 1984. During my military service time at the Border Patrol I served as tracking dog handler. At the security service of the Hungarian State Railways Company I served also as service dog handler. I completed a course of twice three months at the Training School for Dog Handling of the Ministry of the Interior in Dunakeszi.
     In 1988 I founded the kennel STEINAMANGERI. Steinamanger is the german name of my home city which means

    In 1987, yet before founding the kennel I became a member of SV (Association of German Shepherd), and soon after the foundation in the same year I became a member of the MNJK (Club of Hungarian German Shepherd). Furthermore, since 1990 I am also a member of the German shepherd association, the SVÖ of the neighbouring Austria.
    Meanwhile the active dog sport got pushed into the background by founding a family and existence, since the dog sport doesn't matter as question of living in our family.
    In 2000 our eight year old Lorby Haus Willerau left us alone, so we have bought a new dog, Elfi from the breed of Hans Uhl v. d. Amperauen in Germany. With Elfi we have obtained every result required to restart the breed activity. Our most successful dog so far, Juno, born in 2003 comes from Elfi's first litter, mated by Xadro Bad-Boll, the tenth one in my kennel. In 2004 we became with Juno champions at the breed show MNJK in Győr, and in 2005 we achieved the second place at the championship show.
    My breeder policy is about breeding healthy dogs of attractive appearance, bursting with strength and confidence, in short , which is our ars poetica. I intend to act for the good of the breed and its domestic club, the MNJK.



We have a new dog.

Körung, Kőszeg

IGP Exam, Kőszeg

BH Exam, Bozsok


We have a new dog.

We have a new dog.

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